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5 Best Website for Checking Google Keyword Ranking

It is the display option which is provided to the viewer when he visits the Search engine and types for the required word. The word typed by the viewer or the guest is known as the keyword; this plays a prominent role for the company to decide its future and increase the traffic towards the same.

1. Sem rush

A must-have website to check for the keyword rankings be it Google or bing. The search provides the list of keywords present on the website after entering the URL data on the search bar of either Google or Bing. It is a very tractable tool which can bring out the full potential. As Google is the leading and most used search engine, it is a boon for the website developers to check out for the keywords. It is a paid website but free up to two weeks which is very helpful to beginners in the field.

2. Accuranker

As the name suggests, it ranks for the keywords in the website available. It lists the keywords in the site, which make the task a lot more easier for the website development. It helps to identify the position of the keyword in the given country and city, which is unique indeed. It is a very intuitive interface and has some high-speed processing capabilities. It has the options of Google search bing search and more platforms and search engines. It is also very accurate and recommended by many existing website developers.

3. Ahrefs

It is similar to the semrush, but with a more intuitive user interface which might interest quite a bit of website newbies. Rankings are a country based, helping the developers to actuate their interests and introduce a new set of keywords altogether, assisting in creating a more intuitive experience. It has AI capabilities which detect the keywords automatically and rank them for the country based on their keywords. This saves a lot of time and increases productivity

4. Serpwatcher

One of the optimization tools which has received a lot of attention for its capability and accuracy in keyword ranking. Tracing involves the use of geolocation, which can be more efficient than the other methods. It is not domain-specific by any chance and very intuitive. The best part is the affordability factor which plays a main and a vital role in the use of the tool. It is Google search compatible. The user interface is a serene experience and even helps to point out the primary keyword hierarchy.

5. Google rank checker

When the word Google pops up, it means serious business, but in this situation, it has more to do with reliability and availability to rank your name in Google and more. The best part being it is free of cost. The user interface is fundamental and minimal, which is an immaculate experience. It is also easy to use as it takes less time to figure out complexity. It uses its search engine and runs through to get the keyword status.

10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

Promoting a business is hard, especially if you’re one of the smaller businesses.

Here are ten inexpensive ways to help promote your business:

  1. Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Set up your website such that search engines understand the content and will link to your web pages when searched on the internet. You can always improve the SEO of your site. One way is to use common phrases that people search for in the page title, and another is to use the H1 tag to boost SEO rankings.

  1. Set up a listing:

Google offers a free listing in their directories for local businesses.

  1. Set up a business profile on social media:

It should include a good description and a link to your website. The information and photos you post on your social media should be interesting to your target audience. Relevant posts that offer tips on how to improve lifestyle are likely to get likes and shares. Special offers can also catch their attention. You can then pay to boost the most popular posts you have on your social media.

  1. Sign up for email service:

Send newsletters, updates and promotional offers to your customers and prospects for your business. One way of encouraging your customers to subscribe to your newsletters is giving something away. Maybe a tip-sheet on something related to your product. Another incentive could be a signup discount on your products or services.

  1. Memberships in groups that attract your target customers:

Pay for membership in these groups and check if the group has a website. If the site has a published list of members, make sure your name and the link to your website get added. Be actively involved in at least two or three of such groups so that there are more chances of meeting possible prospects. Remember that opportunists get spotted easily. You need to make real contributions to these groups by offering ideas and helping with projects whenever possible. Avoid the groups you feel would take a lot more of your time than you are ready to give.

  1. Find what is unique about your product/service and publicize it:

Local newspapers, radio stations, cable TV stations and magazines are some of your options. Make sure their audiences are audiences that would be interested in your product. Don’t forget to hit up one or more online press release services and include links to your website. Send a photo along to increase your chances of having your material published.

  1. Publicize the publicity:

Whenever you get publicity, get permission from that publisher to reprint the article. Make photocopies and mail them out with the sales letters you use to market the product/service. These clips make the claims you make on your product credible.

  1. Ask for leads:

Contact your friends, former employers and maybe other businesses linked to your own business. Ask if they need your services or know potential customers who may be interested.

  1. Attend events:

There are always local networking events you can attend.

  1. Cross-promotion:

Get together with businesses of the same market that sell a different product/service. This way, you can pass along leads, make referrals and share mailings.

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