Social Bookmarking | What is social bookmarking | SEO – Part 23


What is social bookmarking?

A bookmark is a URL which is stored for later retrieval and bookmarking a website on social media is called Social Bookmarking. It is fastest way to increase backlinks to the website. Descriptions may be added to the bookmarks for users to understand the content of the link.

Sites such as, Stumble upon, digg, myspace, delicious, reddit, Tumbler, and Pinterest are some of the social bookmarking sites.

Bookmarking a site creates backlinks to the website. Like other social media platforms, we need to create an account with email id and a password. Bookmarking can be in the form of links, videos, images, text, audio and other formats with links to your website.

In this social bookmarking tutorial you will learn to bookmark in some social bookmarking sites.

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